Many schools have installed jammers in their classrooms to prevent students from going online

Probably most of us have never heard of lake, a University (Lakehead University), but recently the school take a measure to make the University reputation: for fear of wi-fi networks may cause damage to student health, within the scope of the whole school are forbidden to use the wi-fi network portable jammer.

According to this, the larger the headmaster of the affiliated high school of suzhou office anyone miss li reply, school at the weekend for classroom installed cell phone jammer, including up to three, “blockers only open during the test, in order to prevent the phenomenon of individual students unconsciously, the organization of test specification, guarantee the objective and fair.” She said the school does not encourage students to carry mobile phones in principle, and it also stipulates that mobile phones cannot be used in teaching areas and teaching hours.

As much as jails and prisons try to keep out cell phones through sophisticated metal detectors, inmates keep figuring out a way to smuggle them in. Experts say the only way to keep inmates from using them to conduct criminal activity is through cell phone jamming technology in state and local corrections facilities.

Revised at the end of last year, the new education law and higher education law, strengthen the blow to national cheating on the exam, including clear copy in the national education examination, including obtaining a cheat sheet, a variety of cheating, besides can be cancelled test qualifications or achievements, in serious cases can be “ban on” one to three years, even by the administrative penalties for public security and criminal investigation.