Will the use of mobile phone jammers affect people’s daily lives?

The teens who took part in the study took standardized tests to see if they were addicted to the Internet and smartphone. Participants in smartphone addiction admitted that the use of the Internet and portable jammer interfered with their daily, social, sleep and work learning abilities. The teens also scored significantly higher on depression, anxiety, insomnia and impulsivity than the control group (scores did not indicate Internet addiction). The good news is that the proportion of brain chemicals in those addicted to mobile phones can return to near-normal levels after receiving cognitive behavioral therapy..

The high school student xiaoqian said that during the school period is the state of shutdown, the mobile phone is used when returning home to contact parents. “There is nothing wrong with installing a signal shield in the class, which will ensure normal teaching order.” Xiao qian agreed with the school’s practice.

But the implementation of the measure is expected to be complex. The education law has stipulated that mobile phones should not be used in primary and middle school classes. The teachers’ unions are particularly sceptical. On the one hand, many parents believe that children are not connected with their mobile phones. On the other hand, students’ schoolbags are likely to become new jobs for school employees, which can easily lead to conflict.

Signal 4G jammer, hd camera, synchronous clock… In the eyes of ordinary citizens, the electronic devices that should have appeared in American blockbusters or some high-end organizations have quietly entered the ordinary classrooms of huaian university. Controversy also ensued, with classmates reflecting the poor reception of mobile phones and the feeling of being watched. To find out, yesterday morning, the reporter undertook a field visit to the school.