Signal Jammers have been installed in schools abroad, can we be far behind?

The device will eventually be installed by Italian authorities throughout Italian schools in an effort to prevent students from using their phones to cheat during exams. Ryan left says the device has been very successful in the testing process. Some schools in Italy now plans to also open this kind of equipment in un-con time, because all day to start the this signal jammer can make the teachers’ normal communication also is interrupted, it will make the teachers are unhappy. ‘we’ll minimize the impact,’ says Mr. Raine. ‘schools, for example, should shut down the device at noon.

The reporter came to the west to the great suzhou to visit the site. School students xiao zhao said that they recently in the school’s official website to see the purchasing signal blockers notice, “since entering high school, every test, the teacher will take it into the classroom, a power supply plug can use, very convenient.” Mr. Zhao said he didn’t know whether the shield would be open at ordinary times because he didn’t have a cell phone.

if what they are doing is jamming, then if you are getting timing information from a gps receiver and your receiver is in range of the jammer you will get the timing information from the jamming signal, so yes, however the USAF _might_ be including the correct timing information in their jamming signal in order to reduce any side effects of their exercise…

In contrast to previous years, in the college entrance examin+ation, three students have been fine-tuning procedures for students’ passing through security. “It used to be that staff checked students out of the classroom door.” “So this year we are extending this program to the classroom,” said zhang dexi, who said that the area was part of the classroom where the surveillance cameras could not be filmed. According to de-xi zhang introduces, of the three candidates will enter the examination site, after the door of the classroom by the teacher again to security, “so we monitoring room staff observations can be clear at a glance, to ensure that each security personnel security for each student.”