What is the threat of GPS jammers to electronic warfare tactics

The fact that the Department of Defense is going to execute wide-spread GPS jamming operations during such a high-end exercise is more proof of just how big of a threat these emerging electronic warfare tactics pose. It will be interesting to see if the USAF admits that the technology was indeed used for Red Flag after the exercise concludes, but considering that there are a whole number of position, navigation, and timing (PNT) technologies being developed in hopes to help overcome the loss of gps jammerduring combat, advisories like this one that occur during major military exercises will likely become increasingly normal in the years to come.

Stopping drones is difficult. “Technological solutions to detect and disrupt drones are in their infancy,” Rosenstein said, adding that the Justice Department supports regulatory changes that would make it easier to deploy interdiction technology and jammer.

The Russian military is currently buying jamming devices and plans to install them on cell towers. The idea is simple: the kremlin can start these jammer during the conflict and pray that the jammers will reduce the precision of the onslaught of American missiles.

President bush was said to have even called Russian President vladimir putin. Germany’s military technology magazine reported that in the end because of a great disparity in strength, and Iraq to get only a handful of GPS jamming device at the time, can’t connect the network, these devices are eventually destroyed by us troops. In recent years, south Korean media have reported that north Korea has had a number of massive GPS interference with South Korea, and its technology has come from Russia.