GPS jammer makes escape easier

Today, car thieves around the world use GPS jammers to make it easier to escape. Experts say that it is only a matter of time before groups with greater threats prevail. The emergence of jammers not only gives people convenience, but also makes criminals more rampant. , Become even more unbridled.

The jammer will send a low-power signal that will generate noise and mislead GPS receiver satellites into unavailability. They often use pranks to confuse the police, avoid tolls, and sometimes even annoy unsuspecting users. However, the true extent of this threat is unknown. Criminals may use them to hide their whereabouts from law enforcement agencies-some experts worry that terrorists will use high-performance jammers to interfere with GPS reception in aircraft or military operations.

These devices pose serious social risks and are undoubtedly illegal in the United States. The FCC is optimistically prosecuting anyone who purchases gps jammer and will prosecute and imprison anyone who uses GPS jammers. Despite this, they are still easy to buy online, and their supporters said they should maintain this status. You can get many GPS jammers from many online resources for only $ 50.

David Last, an emeritus professor at the University of Bangor, UK, and the famous GPS jammer crime agency David Last said: “GPS is deeply entrenched in our company’s transportation, manufacturing and commercial fields, and the risk is high.” “This is especially true for telecommunications: GPS is our big The final time source for most telephone systems, the Internet, and US telephone booths. ”

All of these systems are potential prey for distractors and are therefore largely illegal. But proponents of these devices say that they can achieve their goals and that people should have the right to buy them. Now they can.

Although GPS jammers can help protect your privacy, this in itself is not a good reason to use jammers. Anyone can hire a detective to search for cars or personal items to find a GPS receiver.

In addition to being considered illegal or not believing that criminals will escape it because the customs does not recognize them, there are many key equipment that may be affected and may cause unexpected consequences that can cause problems.

The Air Force, responsible for the deployment and maintenance of GPS satellites, recognizes that GPS systems are vulnerable because they are widely available to the public. Of course, GPS and cell phone jammers are not the most advanced technologies. In fact, devices that cause signal confusion and interference are like illegal cell phone jammers.

For aircraft that use ground-based radar equipment for route navigation and have a satellite-independent backup navigation system, the risk is low. Military personnel use a dedicated GPS network. However, because the pilot had to switch to a backup navigation system, GPS interference could cause chaos in the cockpit. Maritime transport that requires GPS coordinates to find the location of the port can also cause problems.

Although it is illegal to sell, import, own, or use GPS jammers in the United States, and the law actively pursues people who use GPS jammers, if you use GPS jammers accidentally, they still pose a potential risk.

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