Use a jammer to cultivate a good habit

We all want to kill cell phone jammers. When you try to watch a movie, eat in a restaurant or play na on the bus or train, there is no idiot on their mobile phones. In fact, listening to only one side of a stupid conversation attracts our attention more than usual. Our brain is waiting for information from both sides of the conversation, and it will try to fill the gap. You can try to send mobile braille some bad-looking or old “polite cough” messages, but these passive offensive gestures can make that you really want to close the chat box work, then you need to use interference To protect privacy, we have many kinds of jammers, such as mobile phone jammers, military jammers, GPS jammers, drone jammers, etc.

What is interference

Mobile cell phone jammer are devices that create a temporary “dead zone” for all mobile phone traffic in the vicinity. In the case of hostage hijacking and bomb threats, the police and military usually use cell phone jammers to control or interrupt communications. Traditionally, cell phone jammers are large antennas mounted on trailers that must be pulled behind the truck. Mobile phone jammers now come in various shapes and sizes, including models that approximate the size of mobile phones.

Mobile phone interference circuit

The main electronic components of the jammer include:

• Voltage controlled oscillator-generates radio signals that interfere with cell phone signals

• Tuning circuit-controls the frequency of the jammer to broadcast its signal by sending a specific voltage to the oscillator

• Noise generator-generates a random electronic output within the specified frequency range to block the mobile phone network signal (part of the tuning circuit)

• RF amplification (gain stage)-increases the power of the RF output to a level sufficient to prevent the signal