The jammer can really let you concentrate on driving?

Manitoba has some of the harshest penalties with a fine of $ 200 and five errors, but this still seems to be insufficient to prevent drivers from answering text messages or making phone calls. The police said they see someone putting themselves or others in danger by simply picking up the phone every day.

Distracted driving As of June 1, the minimum fine for distracted driving in British Columbia is $ 543, which makes many people feel unfair.

Hart Levine is a troubled father and a lawyer because he prevented distracted driving. He said he has a solution to the problem of decentralized driving. A cell phone cell phone jammer, called “drive ID”. You purchase the device, download the application, and then connect it to your phone.

Levin said: “Whenever someone uses a mobile phone with a drive ID to get in the car, you can’t use any keyboard functions.”

He said that depending on the apps you block, you can only answer Facebook, text messages or calls via Bluetooth. You can still call 911.