Mobile phones make you easily distracted when driving

Although mobile phones have enabled everyone to communicate in real time, they are rapidly becoming global killers, causing 20% ​​of fatal road traffic accidents worldwide each year, of which only half of the Indian highways are recorded.

The groundbreaking new technology developed by Abdul Shabeer, a PhD student at Anna Polytechnic University, and colleagues at RSD Wahidabanu and H. Abdul Zubar in Costa Rica will disrupt the use of truck drivers ’mobile phones on long-distance routes to prevent accidents.

Shabeer told IANS: “Trucks and heavy-vehicle drivers rarely turn off their phones on such journeys, but distracting the device, especially holding the phone while making a call, making a call, or driving a car, may immediately cause danger on the road . From Chennai.

When the driver turns on the ignition, the faulty system will always work. The jammer receives the radiation from the phone. The device can detect whether the driver or front passenger is using the phone. “Once the driver ’s mobile phone usage is detected, the short-range jammer will disable the mobile phone without affecting other passengers’ mobile phones. The system is powered by the vehicle, ”said Shabeer of Computer Science and Engineering at Anna University in Chennai.

Shabeer said: “When truck drivers use mobile phones, their braking response usually slows down. Statistically, they are more prone to traffic accidents than people who drop their phones.” Shabeer, who had worked in IBM India Bangalore, said.

Shabeer and colleagues said: “In addition, the use of mobile phones can cause distraction, delay the response to traffic signs, lack of driving discipline and accidentally reduce the distance between your vehicle and the driver in front. All these factors will increase the occurrence of The possibility of an accident. ”

Shabeer added: “The cost of the entire system, including the 4G jammer, is about Rs 3,500. Researchers plan to bring this product to market.” Shabel said that India is one of the few to lose nearly three points due to traffic accident Bis One of the countries with gross domestic product.

“Although India is the most widely accepted fact that has caused the most traffic accidents worldwide, it has not yet been investigated how many mobile phone drivers are involved in traffic accidents. We conducted a survey of more than 2,800 drivers. The results show that 20% of driving Officer Shabeer said that an accident occurred globally due to the use of mobile phones.

Shabeeer collaborated with Wahidabanu, Dean of the School of Engineering, Tamilnadu Salem Municipal Government, and Zubar, a research scientist at the Trichy National Institute of Technology (NIT), to complete the project. The development of this project lasted nearly three years. The technology can be used on all vehicles around the world, Shabeer said: “Unlike our system, other systems used abroad cannot distinguish whether the driver or front passenger uses a mobile phone. Our technology is groundbreaking.”