Have you learned about portable GPS jammers?

Have you heard of car jammers? Have you used it before? Today, you can learn more about GPS car jammers, not only their prices, specific parameters, and how to use them.

If we want to figure out this car GPS jammer, first of all we should know its effect on us. But before that, we should understand the working principle of car GPS equipment. As we all know, GPS will receive location information from the global positioning system to track cars. In order to constantly check the condition of the car, GPS devices must continue to stay connected to their satellites, which is very important for their operation. The GPS jammer of the car will interfere with the GPS device and cut off the connection between the gps jammer device and its satellite, thereby preventing reception of signals from the GPS device. In this way, GPS will not record the location and route of the car. Yes

This micro GPS jammer has a frequency of 1500 to 1600 MHz and is ideal for jamming objects such as GPS L1 trackers, GPS Navigator and GPS L1 recorders. It also has a detachable high-gain interference antenna to help you use it. Very useful for us. The product can send a message passing code to cause interference, thereby preventing signals from GSP satellites. The typical interference range is 10 to 20 meters. I believe this is the best solution to get rid of GPS tracking.

But for this product, you need to pay attention to some things. It is only suitable for small vehicles, not for large vehicles. Therefore, it is definitely not a truck. In addition, it only works when the GPS antenna is installed in the car. If outside, he will lose function, which is very important. Moreover, when you plug the jammer plug into the cigarette lighter socket, it will work for you after starting the engine.

For the safety of your car, you must use this GPS jammer! You know, the coverage of this jammer exceeds 10 meters! It’s really very easy to use, just plug in a 12V standard cigarette lighter to supply power. GPS jammer will prevent all GPS tracking on and in the vehicle, thus automatically protecting you.

Moreover, this GPS tracking jammer is popular among suppliers and delivery personnel who want to eat lunch or make personal stops outside their own territory or “out of radar range” routes. It should also be noted that in dangerous situations, GPS-compatible mobile phones can be used to track individuals.