Many industries now rely more and more on gps jammers

In our current financial industry, we increasingly rely on GPS. Therefore, interference and identity theft can cause serious damage and threaten public safety. Fortunately, the spectrum monitoring function can detect and locate interfering signals, and has the ability to use anti-jamming and anti-spoofing techniques to prevent attacks.

A common use of human interference is for taxi and truck drivers to avoid compliance with regulations regarding maximum travel time, or to try to prevent employers from complying with these regulations. In other parts of the world, gps jammer has been used for more sinister purposes. South Korea was the subject of North Korea ’s large-scale GPS jamming activities in 2016, which affected the navigation of ships and aircraft.

No matter what the goal of the GPS jammer is, the device will not treat it differently, so it will usually cause additional collateral damage. Air traffic control (ATC), search and rescue operations, power grids and mobile phone services are all susceptible to GPS interference. GPS interrupted the London Stock Exchange several times, affecting the time stamp of financial transactions. In 2007, the Navy ’s drill on the San Diego port ’s GPS communication disruption prevented residents from withdrawing cash from ATMs, and the doctor ’s pager stopped working – it took three days to determine the ship. As the interference activities of civilian users become more frequent,

Just like the spectrum monitoring we implemented at the London event, smart cities need GPS signal jammers to detect and locate GPS jammers. Spectral analysis to determine the duration of interference and signal type can also be used to indicate whether the interference is accidental or intentional.

It can then warn those who inadvertently cause interference, and can prosecute malicious attackers. This can quickly solve the interference and danger caused by GPS interference, and play a preventive deterrent role.

CRFS receivers have excellent noise performance and can be detected and located on larger surfaces. The automation function minimizes human intervention and allows an alarm to be triggered when interference activity is detected. The following video illustrates how our advanced geolocation software can detect jamming activity even in complex and crowded signal environments. Our GPS tracking module also ensures accurate synchronization between receivers, even if interference activity (or poor reception) means that the GPS signal is lost.