Unmanned purchases seriously affect our personal privacy

In recent years, the development of drones has been very rapid: many photographers use drones for aerial shooting and use drones for measurement. Drones bring convenience to people’s lives, but they also add a lot of trouble. California lawmakers are considering doubling the use of this technology to disable drones that interfere with firefighting, even if federal regulations prohibit the use of this technology.

The two bills introduced in the California State Assembly this week include imprisonment and more severe fines for the abuse of drones, and the ability of emergency personnel to damage or destroy drones that affect their work.

The bill was introduced by Senator Ted Gaines and Congressman Mike Gato. Prior to this, drones had recently interfered with firefighting operations in the Los Angeles area. The new drone and long-distance signal jammer policy The existence of drones is a danger and has temporarily prevented the deployment of waterborne helicopters to extinguish fires. In addition to raising public awareness of the dangers of drones, lawmakers believe that more powerful tools are needed.

In a statement, the Gaines office said: “The author hopes and believes that the emergence of effective” drones jammer “technology can remove drones from emergency response areas and flight routes.

Like Wi-Fi, drones also use radio waves and GPS signals to operate. Signal drone jammer emit radio frequency waves, preventing devices within their range from establishing and maintaining connections. They can be used to block calls and send messages to mobile devices, as well as block Wi-Fi and GPS signals.

However, because jammers are usually indiscriminate and affect all equipment in the area, US federal law prohibits their marketing, sales, and use on public or private property. Violators may be severely punished or imprisoned. According to the Federal Communications Commission, despite the limited exceptions for authorized federal agencies using jammers, state and local governments are not allowed to use jammers.

A document in the “Common Problems with Jammers” section of the FCC shows: “The use of mobile phone jammers poses an unacceptable risk to public safety.” It is not clear how California will bypass the ban. Neither Gaines nor Gattu immediately answered questions about the proposed legislation.

If firefighters destroy recreational drones used to capture fire images, the bill will allow firefighters to deactivate drones. In a video posted on YouTube last month, we saw firefighters spraying drones on burning houses.

In a message on Twitter, the San Bernardino County Fire Department reminded drone operators to avoid fire. These include videotapes from the US Department of Agriculture, warning firefighters and residents of the danger, and US Federal Aviation Administration sanctions.