Interfering technologies are used in various countries

Washington DC-Representatives David Kustoff (TN-08) and William Timmons (SC-04) today introduced HR 1954, the Telephone Congestion Reform Act of 2019, Senators Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) The same legislation was introduced in the Senate. The bill involves the use of prohibited cell phones in state and federal prisons.

“Smuggling of phones has always been a major problem in prisons across the country, and Congress has been taking action and protecting the public from illegal attacks by criminals for a long time because criminals continue to engage in illegal activities in prisons. They use these phones for drug operations, sex trafficking And organize destructive escapes. Congressman David Kustoff said that this has an impact on public safety and gives these criminals the right to live a criminal life. I ’m happy to introduce them to my colleagues This important law is expected to be passed quickly.

William Timmons, Ministry of Environmental Protection, said: “The Mobile Phone Interference Reform Act 2019 is a sensible solution to a very real problem. I am pleased to support this bill.”

The effect of this calculation is:

Allow state and state prisons to use 4G jammer signals to affect cell phone signals in prisoners’ homes. The state or federal agency implementing the faulty system must report this use to the Bureau of Prisons, which has the final authority over the system. The bill is not a mandatory order, but an option for state and federal prisons to use a blockade system to protect prisoners and the public.

Allow agencies to choose from a wide range of interference technologies, including management access technology, surgical interference technology, beacon technology, or any future technology that restricts the use of prohibited phones and does not require specific types of technology that must be met.