GPS jammer protects your geographic location from being exposed

The Federal Association of Law Enforcement Officials has instructed the Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security Justice Subcommittee to have a mandate that requires law enforcement agencies to be authorized before they are authorized. ” Get geographic location data. Law enforcement agencies say they use geographic location data as historical information, which can be used as a basis for obtaining arrest warrants for more serious actions.

ACLU lawyer Catherine Crump objected to this, saying that the GPS Act clearly stated that obtaining an authorization to use geolocation data is much easier than obtaining a geographic certificate. Eavesdropping order. If you want to monitor the behavior of a citizen for several months, the phone call is real, so both must execute an authorization order. She added that police departments in states such as Hawaii, Kentucky and Kansas have required search warrants to obtain geographic location data from any type of mobile phone or smartphone, so they will not feel any additional burden.

The bill to protect geographic location data from mobile phone attacks is not unreasonable. Do you remember the Jones case where the Supreme Court ruled that any law enforcement agency must obtain a search warrant before placing gps blocker tracking devices on someone’s vehicle? The Senate and Congress have joined forces to protect the use of geographic location data in the same way, but due to FLEOA’s efforts, the new bill may not pass.

How serious is this problem? You will see that geolocation data can be used not only to find your location using GPS coordinates. Modern smartphones have enough technology to discover the floor and room where you are. The bill just attempts to obtain a warrant before using geographic location data to track your location, just as if they had a warrant before searching. your house.

Therefore, when FLEOA discusses the necessity of using geographic location data in smartphones with legislative bodies at all levels, you can protect your privacy without having to use geographic location data to track your location.