The use of jammers is controversial in the United States

Is there an internet connection at home? Maybe you are using a Wi-Fi router to access the Internet through a tablet or smartphone. Then you must have Huawei or ZTE hardware. It can be a modem or router, or just a network adapter. Then you should know that the Chinese government may monitor you.

The House Intelligence Committee claimed this fact in a report released on October 8. “We cannot believe that Huawei and ZTE are not affected by all foreign countries and thus pose a threat to the security of the United States and its systems. Critical infrastructure components, such as power grids or networks, are also powerful weapons in China’s arsenal.”-The report said

The House Intelligence Committee warned US companies that there might be a threat of espionage or even hijacking, otherwise the two major suppliers of telecommunications equipment should stay away from the security holes in this equipment. They said that Chinese network equipment has a safe backdoor against Chinese spies. It is indeed possible to achieve this goal because with this report, Huawei and ZTE have the motivation, possibility and means to do so. The US government is worried that these companies will cooperate with the Chinese government.

The reason for paying so much attention to the business of Huawei and ZTE is that these companies manufacture network equipment for the main structure, such as remote control of the power grid and many other key networks. Most networked systems in the United States operate through Chinese switches, routers, and other hardware. Huawei is the largest manufacturer of wireless data equipment in the United States with a market share of 28.7%. ZTE portable jammer ranks fifth with a market share of 6.4%. The 4G network is the most vulnerable because these Chinese giants are built on their hardware and are able to work and develop rapidly.

You should also know that the report is based on a survey conducted by the House Intelligence Committee in November 2011 for approximately one year. Huawei and ZTE cooperated with investigators and provided all their information and data. asked. Chinese officials are indignant about the US policy and the behavior given to Huawei and ZTE, which they believe is a means to interfere with the two telecommunications giants.

Huawei and ZTE are fast-growing companies, and their total revenue increased from US $ 783 million to US $ 1.3 billion in 2012. Therefore, the reasons for the investigation and reporting may be hidden in these figures. A lot of financial analysis shows that their sales will drop to about 45% of their actual value.

Maybe it’s all about money, but what if this Chinese device does have unrecorded functions, allowing criminals to steal traffic information and even endanger major attacks? In this case, we will be in serious danger because many of these networks are running on Huawei and ZTE equipment.

In addition, even without this report, ZTE has violated the US order prohibiting the distribution of high-tech electronic equipment to the disputed Middle Eastern countries and destroyed the reputation by selling US equipment to Iran. American companies claim that due to economic espionage, they suffer about $ 300 billion in losses each year, and in some cases, they are convinced that this is due to Huawei and ZTE

Therefore, I can see that another conflict between China and the United States is about to start, and whether there is a backdoor for the security system of Chinese equipment. This is the best time for spies to use it. The best time for Americans. As you know, Huawei and ZTE are the largest manufacturers of wireless network equipment, and we have the largest manufacturer of wireless products-perfectjammer Inc. You may need protection, we are happy to provide protection. Most 3G modems and routers and Wi-Fi routers are built on Huawei and ZTE sites and 4G networks nationwide. Therefore, you definitely need 3G, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi. In the upcoming cyber conflict, please be sure to prepare proper protection for yourself and your loved ones!