Jammers can prevent others from finding you

There are too many technologies around us, and sometimes there are some troubles. Not the fact of the technology itself, but the improper use of the technology. I’m sure that when someone makes them boring with something like a smartphone, many people will encounter this situation. I have never encountered this situation before, until now. My neighbor bought a new car. He always parked the car near my window, but it never bothered me because it was clean, he started quickly and went to work.

But now he has equipped his car with this new Viper SmartStart. Now, every morning, I start with a lot of carbon dioxide. Because he started the car remotely by drinking coffee, he only withdrew in ten minutes or even fifteen minutes. Maybe only a few minutes, but it just makes my house like a garage. I asked him to stop, but nothing happened.

I have been online for a long time and I found a lot of information on this remote control. It is a smartphone application, associated with the Bluetooth module. This module must be installed in your car, and it will allow your smartphone application to control your car. The device allows you to remotely lock and unlock the car, start and stop the engine. In addition, it controls the trunk and hood. You can also turn the car alarm on and off.

The SmartStart app is cool, it has a lot of features. Every time you press the lock / unlock button, it can store the location of your car, and you can remotely monitor the status of the car, the app will display the status of the engine, regardless of whether the engine is started, whether the door is locked, and via GPS Track your car. The app can even build routes to your car’s location via GPS.

You will see that it uses Bluetooth (2.4 GHz frequency) to connect the car to GPS within a short distance, and if tracking is required, it will convert to GPS (1200-1600 MHz). You should also know that many devices use similar frequencies to transmit data in them: all types of GPS navigators, all Wi-Fi devices, all hands-free headsets. In addition, these frequencies are commonly used for 3G mobile Internet.

The device will also monitor the time remaining on the parking meter, and will alert you if the time has run out and if the counter needs to be charged. The last function is useful for people who receive alarms from Alarm.com at home. The app will be compatible with your home alarm and can remotely arm or disarm the alarm.

Quite practical equipment, isn’t it? However, the consequences of improper use of this method will be more serious than the pollution of my house with carbon dioxide. First, you must remember a proverb: “Don’t put all eggs in one basket”, because if you put them down, otherwise the basket will be destroyed, then you will have no eggs at all. It can also ensure your safety, you need to put the house key and car key in different places. Moreover, since they are often lost or stolen, be sure to keep them away from smartphones!

What I want to say is that if you lose your phone, someone will have full remote access to your house and car. It’s really easy, because the app stores your car’s location, and it will definitely remember where your house is, because it will remember parking spaces, and you will definitely park your car nearby. And even if you do n’t have the address, the address will be stored when you link your home alarm to your mobile device. Once again, we have another application that may be leaking my personal data.

From another perspective. SmartStart connects to all devices via Bluetooth, and the data channel is not well encrypted. What if someone disconnects? This means that your car or home alarm will treat their phones and phones as the only gadgets. This will become possible because the application supports shared controls between one or more users. This way, someone will know where you are, where to go, where to park the car, when and where to eat lunch, how to steal the car and enter the house. This is not the only threat a Bluetooth connection may cause.

From this point of view, all operability of this SmartStart is indeed different. This gadget is really dangerous because it not only poses a threat to your property, but also has a built-in GPS receiver, which can also threaten your privacy. As you know, any GPS receiver can be easily tracked. Now is a good time to consider protection. In my case, I have found a solution. I will definitely use one of these SmartStart signal gps blocker to ensure that my neighbors will not make my house like a car repair shop. It can also mute GPS completely, thus keeping you away from GPS tracking, and you can use them to protect yourself from all the threats brought by this handy gadget!