Jammers let you say goodbye to privacy and transparency

What is Verizon Wireless for US mobile users? It is one of the largest 2G, 3G and 4G communication providers in the United States, covering 99% of the densely populated areas of the United States. In sparsely populated areas, Verizon has poor coverage. It has billions of customers and has made great contributions to the US economy. The company’s influence is very high, at the same time, it may be spied. Why not use it?

The company’s management has the same idea. You should know that Verizon Wireless is changing its privacy policy because the company has warned its customers, and the story itself is indeed popular on social media. The point is that Verizon Wireless changed its privacy policy to be able to share some of your private information with advertisers and other companies to make its advertising more attractive. Therefore, your information will be used for commercial purposes.

What data is collected and shared? Referring to the Verizon statement, it will include: browsing history, including search queries, the actual location of the GPS module based on the smartphone or the triangulation of the phone tower, and certain demographic information such as gender and age. It will also collect information about the type of device itself and the applications you use and use, as well as information about the use of Verizon products, such as calling features.

These aggregated data packages will undoubtedly help advertisers provide you with more relevant advertisements and information. Verizon said: “A local restaurant may only want to advertise to people who live within 10 miles. We can put it on the website without sharing information that can identify you personally.” The main idea is that they and others The assets shared by the company are aggregated and canceled personalized processing. Therefore, companies will not know exactly who visited their site, or who usually has enough mobile phones in their store or restaurant area.

Therefore, you should know that your privacy has not been violated or violated, but will you use Verizon products as confidently as before? I do not think so. I know someone will know that this particular search query has already been done, so it ’s not cool to search for content on Google. Sharing information about the location of customers also opens up various tracking possibilities.

That’s why people ask us how to protect ourselves from this harm? You can visit the official website of Verizon Wireless and change your privacy policy here. In this case, Verizon will have to stop collecting and sharing your personal data. But what if you are not sure if a company says it will sell information about its customers and you do n’t have a real Verizon replacement?

perfectjammer Inc. Then solve your problem. You will have to disturb the Verizon signal. But this is really complicated, because you have to connect various frequencies. As I said before, they provide 2G, 3G, and 4G communications and converge into a large team. For 2G, GSM standard, it is 850/1900 MHz; for 3G and Internet calls, it is 2110-2155 MHz; for 4G wireless Internet, it is 2500-2700 MHz. It is one of the most technologically advanced networks in the United States. Fight for 4G mobile phones

The only way for Verizon’s signal is to use an advanced 2G / 3G / 4G signal gps blocker. It will definitely protect you and your private information when opened. Therefore, if you do not believe in Verizon and have no choice, please use our solution and stay safe!