Drone jammers make your personal life safer

Police said the technology will make their work safer, but civil liberties activists worry that the use of drones will seriously violate people ’s privacy. The police will not designate these parts to be distributed to these drones in different departments, but it is believed that they will be used for surveillance and chasing vehicles. In a written announcement, the Victorian Police stated that the technology is rapidly developing and pointed out that certain things that can create more efficient and safer police services are definitely worth evaluating.
Law enforcement agencies in the United States have begun to use drones and drones for work. The Victorian Air Wing Police recently convened a meeting to analyze its possible implementation. Victoria Police said on Sunday that they will continue to investigate whether these drones are suitable for future combat operations, but did not provide a clear deadline for their decision. They said: “The Victorian Police will evaluate the rapidly developing UAS technology area for use in combat in the near future.”

However, this concept shocked many civil liberals, who claimed that drones will be used to track uncriminal people. Victoria Liberal Party Chairman Spencer Zifcak said their team will also write to the Victoria Police and express all their concerns in the letter. “They will quickly be equipped with modern technology, which will enable them to identify individuals. So, for example, if the police wants to follow a political demonstration, the drone jammer will not only be able to follow the process of the demonstration, but he will also be able to start admitting to participate People at this demonstration.
Not long ago, a Polish activist demonstrated the unique capabilities of a small flying drone, when he installed a helicopter and fired it in Warsaw following its radical demonstration. The film was published online and spread quickly, raising questions about how these drones will be used in journalism.

Spencer Zifcak said that drones can seriously violate people’s privacy. He added: “Flying drones can track every movement of a specific person from the morning they leave the house to when they go to bed.” “They are skilled and provide tracking for different people who are not necessarily involved in illegal actions or crimes. A huge opportunity. “The Victorian government did not comment on the drone application, claiming that it is a strict police. thing.
Do you live in Australia? Are you a tourist visiting Victoria? Either way, from now on, you should be alert to these flying drones, they can observe you and all your movements from above. Or, you can stop the Australian police from using drones to track your activities, and they will not be able to monitor every step you take. Do you like this idea? Write your thoughts in the comments. The drone interference can effectively resist parasites, so that your privacy is better protected.