Mobile phone jammer will be your good assistant

We all know that a country ’s army is like a human heart. National security depends on the troops and their soldiers, although in the information age, more and more countries adopt high-tech development. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the troops, especially the special forces. Of course, high technology may be more useful than humans, and the latter is better. In order to achieve this goal, the 80W portable design high-power wireless explosion-proof jammer has a good function of cutting off up to 5 frequency bands, which can contribute to the country and the military.

As a high output power telephone drone jammer, a JFC-021-0110 has a high blocking capacity to prevent 2G: CDMA 851-894 MHz, GSM 925 -960 MHz, DCS / PCS 1805 -1990 MHz; 3G: 2110 -2170 MHz; 4G: 725 -770 MHz; 4G: 2345-2400 MHz or 2620 -2690 MHz. This almost covers mobile phones, growing 4G mobile phones, previous 3G mobile phones and long-lasting 2G mobile phones … On the other hand, it shows that the “powerful function” of the phone jammer covers a range up to 100 meters It also depends on the current environment, target distance and obstacles. Cell phones in this area will be blocked by cell phone jammers.

With this in mind, it is not surprising to learn that the pastor also encountered difficulties in preaching in the church. “Please turn off your phone” is a problem that the pastor has to work hard to solve. Because when we worship our Lord and Savior, we do n’t need the ringtone of the phone to ring. A pastor named Madonna said that at first he posted a poster asking people to turn off their phones, but when the buzzing and dings continued, even at the funeral. “What really annoys me is that when it was first started, people would switch off their phones awkwardly; now they are holding their hands on the receiver and continue talking,” he said.

Have you encountered this embarrassing situation? On important occasions, the use of mobile phones is prohibited. Suddenly, a cell phone started ringing and ruined the atmosphere. Of course, everyone searches for sources. Unfortunately you are the maker. To answer or reject the call, it is difficult to decide. At this time, the powerful WiFi Bluetooth GPS mobile phone signal blocker from will be a good help here. You know, when we turn off the phone, the caller will know that the unit is turned off. But usually we have to turn on our phones politely, and people who make calls from the other end should not know that we avoid making their calls. Okay, this is no big deal now. The invention of mobile phone signal shield will make you get rid of the predicament. A device called a “cellular signal jammer” will enable you to block the frequencies of mobile service providers in a specific area, and you will never need to turn off your phone.