Pocket jammers put an end to mobile phone trends

The portable design is very convenient for us to put it in bags, briefcases, cars and anywhere, but also fit in palms and pockets. Protect the area and protect the use of GPS devices and mobile phones (the most popular) our combination-GPSL1 and 2G 3G mobile phone signal jammer. Another intimate design is that the signal jammer has a built-in fan, which can keep the device cool when used for a long time, and has optional settings for switches, so we can choose to guide what we want to block. Under the best conditions, it will create a protected area around us, cars, meetings, blocked cell phones, and GPS up to 15 letters. The five indicators on the housing are used to confirm which frequency bands are actively suppressed, and the durable rubber-coated antenna will not be damaged due to ruggedness. Bring the jammer into your car to protect your car from GPS tracking. If you are tracked by some evil mobile phone software, even if you turn off the phone, you can’t get rid of the interference. Signal portable jammer may help you solve the problem and pose a threat.

The WiFi jammer has disguised characters-it looks like an unknown product, there is no text to introduce the function of the device, and there is no mention of the WiFi signal. Simply mark it as ON and OFF to turn it on and off. It is a bit larger than the car remote designed for your pocket, and of course smaller than the wallet. This is a secret method for protecting mobile devices and prevents unknown, unsafe and unclear WiFi resources from entering.

Commuters who bear the rudeness of the phone like this device. A commuter from New Jersey to New York carries a jammer every day on his transit, he said: “This is the best thing ever.” He used a pocket mobile phone jammer on the imported website they said when he used the jammer At that time, it was necessary to cut off the loud speaker sitting on the train beside him, even though it was only five years old. This may be why customers say that pocket jammers have ended the mobile phone craze.