WiFi jammer has the latest design and good heat dissipation system

So, where can phone jammers be used? Those places where it is absolutely necessary to prohibit cell phone signals. At the gas station, we know that mobile phone calls are not welcome there, especially at the moment when natural gas passes through the pipeline from the storage room to the vehicle. Yes, we know that telephone signals can cause bombing … a series of molecular motion theories, sparks and detonations. As well as explosive substances in shops or vehicles, all have the same theory. And in order to keep quiet in some public places (for example, in a movie theater), other audiences may be disturbed by some people’s calls. Therefore, it is best to keep the speakers of all phones muted during this period.

Few high-power jammers are explosion-proof and portable. Before finding such a signal jammer, it is difficult to find such a high-tech portable high jammer. Due to the use of the most advanced military shield design with the most effective shock and shatter resistance, this device has ultra-high quality, so this wifi jammer has superior advantages over other similarly rugged devices. In addition, the design of the high-quality cooling system allows it to be used continuously in bad weather without damaging the equipment itself and the user. The total weight of the package is about 28KG, which makes it not difficult to carry. The built-in battery is used as the power source of the product, which can make the signal jammer work continuously for 2 hours. In addition, you can select up to five frequency bands from the interference band. Designed with 80W high power output, the interference radius of explosion-proof is up to 180 meters

Secondly, it has a high output power of 15W, which can adjust the interference radius of all mobile phone jammers up to 40 meters, depending on the signal strength in a given area. You can place it on the table or on the stand. Third, this mobile phone and WiFi jammer have the latest design and good heat dissipation system, and are equipped with a cooling fan inside, so they can be used continuously without worrying about high temperatures. If you are looking for a jammer for churches to create a quiet environment, then this perfect mobile phone and WiFi jammer will be perfect for you. In addition, you can easily get more information on 3g 4g jammer, signal jammer, wifi jammer at the best price from www.perfectjammer.com.

In prison, cell phone jammers can help prison guards deal with prisoners who secretly carry cell phones. We know that among prisoners who have limited or no access to cell phones, they may do things that violate the rules. In schools, it is forbidden to use students’ answers or text messages, chat, and online search in the examination room or ordinary classroom. Administrators can use the device to solve these problems simply and easily. You know, there are other applications for phone jammers, far more than that.