The signal jammer also has an adjustable design

This handheld multi-function signal jammer is designed with 6 antennas, so it has the ability to cut off the CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G 4G Wimax GPSL1 signal and LoJack signal, and because the optional button has been used here. Device, so that the owner can easily determine the interference frequency band according to his actual situation. Therefore, according to the handheld device, the interference distance of this handheld mobile phone GPS LoJack signal jammer is a maximum of 20 meters. The signal strength of the detailed location. In addition, the built-in cooling fan has been used as the cooling system for this handheld mobile phone GPS LoJack signal shield, so it can always maintain a good working state.

In addition to this example, there are of course many high-power outdoor devices that use 3G phone jammers. These prices can also be provided at the best price on If necessary, you only need to take action and come here to choose At the best price, in addition to having a car charger, this handheld mobile phone GPS LoJack signal portable jammer also has advantages, because when the owner needs it, it can be easily used and charged in the car, which is indeed a convenient Usage. This phone’s GPS LoJack signal blocker is just one of the portable optional multi-function signal blockers.

When you want perfect comfort and loneliness, there are other important or special situations, especially when you enjoy a romantic evening or candlelight dinner with your lover. During this time, this powerful WiFi Bluetooth GPS cell phone signal blocker will work perfectly by blocking your phone signal and preventing it from ringing. At the same time, with an adjustable design, this high-power signal jammer can also block WiFi GPS Bluetooth signals. It also provides you with the technical specifications of a powerful WiFi Bluetooth GPS cell phone signal interceptor device, as well as some additional services, such as the “How to use it” guide. How to choose the best genre and the right band, online shopping will be a good guide for you. Experience a new life, start immediately from our store!

So how does the church handle it? In the end, he ended the situation by installing interference equipment and turning it off. It is called 6 antenna high power adjustable WiFi 3G 4G signal jammer for all mobile phones. How can this high-tech product help? Since all the cell phone signal jammers of this WiFi 3G 4G can easily block the cell phone and Bluetooth signals, it will bring you conditions of peace and security. First of all, this high-power adjustable full mobile phone jammer is designed to block normal 2G, 3G, 4G mobile phone signals and Bluetooth at the same time. This WiFi 3G 4G full cell phone signal jammer has an adjustable design so that operators can decide which frequency bands will all be blocked.