The jammer successfully blocked the criminals from the Internet

Is there an internet connection at home? Maybe you are using a Wi-Fi router to access the Internet through a tablet or smartphone. Then you must have Huawei or ZTE hardware. It can be a modem or router, or just a network adapter. Then you should know that the Chinese government may monitor you. The report released by the House Intelligence Committee on October 8 claimed this fact. “We can’t believe that Huawei and ZTE are not affected by all foreign countries and thus pose a threat to the security of the United States and its systems. Critical infrastructure components, such as power grids or networks, are also powerful weapons in the Chinese arsenal.

A long time ago, I wrote about the situation of cell phones in the Coimbatore prison in India. Indian authorities refused to equip prisons with jammers, and prisoners used mobile devices such as smartphones almost free of charge. I think you will agree with me, leaving it is quite unfair and may even be dangerous. Imagine what criminals can do by accessing the Internet, allowing them to make calls and send text messages. Detainees can formulate escape plans, coordinate other crimes from within the prison, and even organize riots in the prison. I decided to go back to this topic. According to Dawn ’s newspaper, the Punjab Prison Department has begun to form a special guard that can handle modern weapons and war items. Their training courses include wireless signal portable jammer. They have been specially trained to prevent terrorist acts in Indian prisons, especially Punjab prisons. After twenty days of training, these militarized guards will be deployed in prisons in Punjab province because of the high risk of terrorism there.

If the hacker wants to achieve his goal-he will have to dive into the building and connect directly to the network, or break through the firewall. Wired networks are better protected than wireless networks because we will see the facts later. However, due to improper use of wireless networks, even these networks are easily broken. You should keep in mind that wireless networks will never gain high security measures because they can be used relatively far outside the building. But the truth is, you can determine who is an external hacker by looking at the connection speed. The trick is that the weaker the signal, the weaker the connection, so if you use a 100 Mb / s connection and a 10 or 5 Mb / s connection appears, you can make sure someone is trying to connect from outside the building.

It is not only completely wrong to pretend that you cannot survive without a smartphone, but it is also somewhat offensive. It’s like saying that without air conditioning, Christmas gifts or deadly poison can’t survive. The vast majority of people in the world don’t have all these things, and I think most of them are very happy. But 68% of smartphone users are willing to imply that the lives of all these people are not worth it because they do not have a smartphone in their pocket to tell them the latest news or use plants to fight zombies.