The cameras on the street soon revealed your whereabouts

Researchers at Columbia University discovered a terrible security feat during the research. This feat not only allows skilled hackers to steal your personal data, but it may eventually blow up your printer and burn your house. And I ’m not kidding. These researchers found that certain models of HP LaserJet wireless printers (but in theory can be any model of wireless printers provided by the manufacturer) are vulnerable to specific malware attacks that can completely control your wireless printer to hacker. I don’t know how you feel about seeing this news, are you afraid? Rest assured that the new jammer on our website can completely solve this problem.

So, how does this feat work? Whenever you send a document to print on a wireless printer, this code will reinstall all the firmware on the wireless printer, thereby granting full access to interested hackers who write complete malware code. And because your printer is wirelessly connected via Wi-Fi, the hacker can control it at any time, but if you turn on the wifi jammer, it will be different, and soon the hackers will return to nothing.

Many people say that the legacy of this year ’s London Olympics will be linked to surveillance, but with the recently released “domain awareness system” in New York, it seems that security expansion in large cities will become possible. This is the legacy of 2012. The office, called the United Kingdom, currently has more than 4.2 million closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, or one video surveillance camera, which can accommodate 14 citizens. In comparison, China has a population of 1.3 billion, and the country has only 2.75 million video surveillance cameras, or one camera, which can accommodate 472,000 citizens.

And, if the tight numbers are not enough to meet your needs, the city ’s video surveillance camera system has somehow been interconnected and expanded in some way because of the huge security risks caused by the influx of international personnel during the 2012 London Olympics The system called DYVINE allows the central police control room to monitor and control all CCTV camera networks in London. No matter where the potential criminal is, he can track his current position and his trajectory, and draw all the details and 3D images on the map. In addition, many CCTV cameras in different parts of London have been significantly improved, and now they include thermal imaging.