Is it fair to use cell phone jammers in prison?

I have been online for a long time and I found a lot of information on this remote control. It is a smartphone application, associated with a Bluetooth module. This module must be installed in your car, and it will allow your smartphone application to control your car. The device allows you to remotely lock and unlock the car, start and stop the engine. In addition, it controls the trunk and hood. You can also turn the car alarm on and off. The SmartStart app is cool, it has a lot of features. Every time you press the lock / unlock button, it can store your car’s position as well. You can remotely monitor the status of the car, the app will display the status of the engine, regardless of whether the engine is started, whether the door is locked, and GPS tracking your car. The app can even build routes to your car’s location via GPS.

According to the document, all telecom operators and Internet service providers participating in this agreement must disclose their subscriber information within 48 hours of the request or within 30 minutes under certain special circumstances. The interception of real-time communication must also be completed within 30 minutes after the appropriate request, and must work for 5 law enforcement agencies at the same time. Do these law enforcement agencies or other government organizations need any authorization to force telecommunication service providers and Internet service operators to provide them with all their data to their subscribers, how do you think? of course not! I think the Canadian government believes that the necessity of this procedure is not very important, just forget to mention it in bilateral discussions with the companies concerned. By the way, all these companies have signed confidentiality agreements.

The House Intelligence Committee warns US companies that this may constitute espionage or even hijacking due to security risks, so stay away from these two major telecommunications equipment suppliers. They said that Chinese network equipment has a safe backdoor against Chinese spies. It is indeed possible to achieve this goal, because with this report, Huawei and ZTE have the motivation, possibility and means to do so. The US government is worried that these companies will cooperate with the Chinese government. The reason for this concern in the Huawei and ZTE business is that these companies manufacture network equipment for large-scale structures, such as remote control of the power grid and many other critical networks. Most networked systems in the United States operate through Chinese switches, routers, and other hardware. Huawei is the largest manufacturer of wireless data equipment in the United States with a market share of 28.7%. ZTE ranks fifth with a market share of 6.4%. The 4G network is the most vulnerable because it is built on their hardware, and with the help of these Chinese giants, its work and development are so rapid.

This is not the only problem caused by improper use of equipment that interferes with radio signals, including cell phone portable jammer. The situation in American prisons is also changing. According to Sacramento Bee, the two prisons in Texas will now have a “management access system”, which can only allow access Call the approved number. But this is not the answer to the question! This “hosted access system” only solves part of the problem. What does it mean for Wi-Fi Internet access? He said nothing because the prisoners became more and more active because of phone smuggling. The focus of the above article is-is it fair to use cell phone jammers in prison? I agree that criminals do not take vacations there, and they must strictly abide by the crime rules. But what is relevant to the guards is that they have no restrictions not only on the use of mobile phones but also on the use of other wireless devices. And, what if there is an emergency? Directors will not be able to communicate with the outside world and will operate in both directions.