Do you still want to be secretly monitored by hidden devices?

News from Nabha prison in India has recently arrived. The jammers they installed interfered with signals from all facilities near the prison, and the entire bank was cut off to be precise. Therefore, the authorities were forced to call engineers to calculate the exact output power and location of the equipment to ensure that the prison was the only facility within the coverage area. This is why we need precise calculations and precision when dealing with cell phone blocking programs. What if these people block communication in nearby hospitals?

The development and expansion of wireless technology not only brings us benefits and mobility, but also brings risks. The widespread commercial use of the company’s Wi-Fi wireless network has spawned the next generation of hackers for wireless attacks. Here, we will analyze the main risks of wireless networks and how to minimize or eliminate them. First of all, you should know that traditional cable networks use wires to transmit data. They were protected by several serious means. The first line of defense is the physical boundary of the portable jammer where the network is located. Other defense measures are firewalls and IDS / IPS traffic analysis systems.

In a recent report published by the Online Publishing Association, statistics show that 68% of smartphone users today say they cannot survive without a valuable smartphone. I guess they are a group of stubborn children. No matter what job you do or for whom, you can live even without a smartphone.

Unless I really do n’t know anything about recent technological achievements, smartphones will not be able to provide you with food or water. They do not make fire, take medicine or have children. All these smartphones and all their applications and almost inoperable artificial intelligence cannot camp in the rain, cannot build houses before winter, nor can they help you fight against wolves. If you think you like modern smartphones because it is a very useful tool to make your life easier, then it will definitely let me agree with you. Hammers are also useful tools to make life easier, but I can hardly imagine that nearly 70% of hammer owners in the world say.