Jammers can prevent your data from being transmitted

Google Glass must use the same protocol, and will use similar applications to interconnect with other devices. This is a common practice in all devices, and there is currently no alternative method. This makes it vulnerable to attacks by traditional attack vectors, which may take the form of a man-in-the-middle (MiTM) against the network layer. This leads to exploiting any vulnerabilities in the operating system or the application itself. When using Android-based Google Glass, the device is likely to inherit vulnerabilities found in other devices using the same operating system.

But what is more dangerous is that, although a small number of people do try to take action to remedy technical deficiencies in this way, they often resort to methods that do not help at all and are therefore not safe for them. Cyber ​​criminal’s paw. 20% of mobile phone users, 21% of laptop users and 15% of tablet users admit that they have tried to disconnect the camera function in the device by turning off the icon or trying to disable the icon. Since it is almost impossible to disconnect the camera function from the device, the above method will not help. Since today’s mobile phones are equipped with cameras on the front and back, they can’t actually cover the camera lens on the mobile phone, but the portable jammer can prevent it from being transmitted out, and it has bought some time for your deletion.

When you set up messages and messages to preview on the lock screen, unknown and potentially dangerous people will endlessly view your messages and get some personal details. Apple’s iPhone and iOS phones are among the most hacked in the world. Keep Bluetooth on after using it, and then monitor it, which can help hackers and attackers to access your phone. These harmful connections between the phone jammer and the hacker’s computer will cause you to automatically transfer the most critical data. Most websites send cookies to your mobile phone, some of which threaten to record your browsing history, location or change settings on your phone and reveal photos. It is best to use private browsing mode and delete cookies from your phone from time to time.