The appearance of jammers has affected the development of 4G signals

As we all know, EE is the merger of Orange and T-Mobile, which occurred in 2010. Against such a strong background, mobile network operators have witnessed impressive growth rates since. The implementation of the latest technologies (eg 4G and HD voice) and regular network investments are the two main reasons that help EE maintain its growth rate. In 2012, Ofcom attracted the attention of all media and telecommunications authorities when it allowed EE to use its available spectrum to start 4G services, while all its competitors were still on the road. Because EE is the only operator that provides 4G services before its competitors, it allows the company to further expand its scale. However, the continuous development of 4g has made some people jealous. In order to prevent its development, the jammer slowly appears in the public’s sight. In addition, it enables EE to spend money on infrastructure in advance. For all the reasons mentioned above, the reason why P3 Benchmark rated EE as the best becomes obvious. EE scored 500 366 points in the test and ranked first in the data ranking list. The company scored 226 points out of 310 points. In addition, according to the P3 benchmark, the success rate of EE in the test is 81%. Most major cities.

We at perfectjammer like to adopt new and innovative technologies to improve functionality and modify the old ideological ideas. I have many old computers in my own home, and these computers are all connected to the Internet. Old-fashioned, I mean old-fashioned old-fashioned computers, such as Amiga 500, Atari Computers and Commodore64. I am also passionate about changing existing technologies and their functions by combining new technologies. There is no doubt that where there is great power, there are many responsibilities. However, this idea is missing in the creation of many suppliers currently offering consumer products. They are not particularly cautious when adding new features to existing products. I will study some 4G jammer equipment by myself. I watched some devices connected to the home network. The results completely shocked me. After a few minutes, I damaged many devices. They turned into zombie machines. All securities are bypassed, and files on specific storage devices can be easily accessed, and I did not previously have permission to access them.

Security problems can be avoided by using call log programming. Call recorder is a special program that can record calls, archive them to the database and respond to thousands of data requests per second. The call recorder can use other methods to solve this problem, which is beneficial to any organization. The program can track charging error statements and provide administrators with appropriate solutions. It also embeds the simple idea of ​​monitoring VoIP requirements and warning administrators of any suspicious activity in the network. However, Google Glass will be able to do more. It can be said that it may change the way things work in various fields. In this regard, it will be able to make amazing progress in medicine or education. The surgeon will be able to check the patient’s vital signs and be able to use the device to live broadcast their surgery to other experts in real time. Using Google Glass, you can make the classroom in the education center more interactive. Not only that, it can help to immediately identify wanted criminals, which will lead to rapid law enforcement.