The jammer is your other storage

As technology occupies every aspect of our lives, this study further shows that a staggering 83% of mobile users never turn off their phones unless the phone turns off after the battery runs out, which is not surprising. 44% of tablet users share the same opinion on their devices – leading people to speak frankly about their phones. 57% of adults have sex while using a mobile phone with a camera; tablet, laptop or PC, 37% of them take off their clothes, 44% put the device in the toilet, and 29% took them to take a bath. 30% of adults leave important documents containing private information and payment cards on their devices, and 26% of children let their devices play. These statistics show that our vulnerability to cybercriminals poses a huge threat to ourselves. So we are exposed to the surveillance of the camera no matter where we are. Now you need a portable jammer to carry on your body, which can make you more safe.

When your phone can protect itself in layers, why insist on a security method? This means you can generate another password to protect your application from unauthorized use. Yes, this may take more time and effort, because you will have to cross two layers of security checks, but you will be grateful for all the possible threats it saves you. Use it for your social network applications, such as Twitter, Gmail, etc. Whenever you leave your phone with a random stranger for repair or sell a second-hand phone, make sure to delete all personal and professional data you may have left on the phone. Delete all saved pictures, videos, messages, automatic passwords, and work-related documents, but if you have a professional portable jammer, you don’t have to delete those things.

Leaving your smartphone unlocked may be one of the biggest mistakes for losing some highly critical information stored on the device. There are many options available, including PIN code, biometric lock, password security, slide lock, mode lock and more. Perfectjammer recommends the use of a sturdy security lock, because it is still the most important and effective security measure that can be easily implemented.

Well, the most common and major limitation of the 2.4 GHz spectrum is its interference. As traffic, network cards, and the number of access points increase, this interference will accelerate. Another major limitation of the 2.4 GHz spectrum is that its frequency is also used by various cordless phones and microwaves, which increases interference and harmful noise. In fact, for these reasons, the 5 GHz spectrum is more popular than the 2.4 GHz spectrum. In addition, 2.4 GHz WiFi is also easily hacked.