Jammers make up for security holes in Google

Google has at least acknowledged the security hole. Even if they knew the severity of the safety disease, they did not provide a real solution to this problem. In the entire case, the only correct part of Google is to accept third-party patches from the device. In order to support the work of third-party patches, Google issued the following statement: “If the affected version of [WebView] is earlier than 4.4, we usually do not develop the patch ourselves, but welcome to consider it with the report.” They also added: “In addition to notifying the OEM, we will not be able to take action on any reports that affect patches that were not attached before 4.4.”

Many people still believe that security threats and attacks are difficult to execute. They believe that such threats require someone to sit on or be part of the same network as your device. However, this is completely incorrect. You can easily find simple and effective ways to destroy the network, even when there is a strong farewell on the network, you must connect different portable jammer devices.

For EE, the results are encouraging. However, when testing voice calls, the situation is different for EE. According to P3 Benchmark, telecom operator Three scored higher than EE in the voice call test. EE scored 140 points out of 190 points, while in the same test, three points got 153 points. In the voice call test, Vodafone won the third place with 94 points out of 190 points, and O2 won the fourth place with 84 points. The success rates of large cities and smaller metropolitan areas are 75% and 91%, respectively. When P3 Benchmark conducted the same test in London, EE once again won the top spot, not only in terms of calls, but also in terms of data. In terms of voice calls, the company scored 88 points out of 125 points and 167 points out of 200 points in data.

Call records can penetrate access hotlines, adult services, stimulation services, and more. When terrorism is critical on a global scale, the function of call recorders should be greatly utilized. By combining call recorders with other programming modules, they can be further refined into many powerful applications. These modules help to present large amounts of information as meaningful data blocks that administrators can easily understand. Modules that help generate reports can also change the way the entire idea works. Another important aspect of security is choosing the right phone network for your business. Telephone networks such as Cisco phones and Mitel phones include call logging features that can be used to avoid security holes. These networks support call recording functions, such as long-distance cheating and recording important information.