The jammer makes the phone lose its signal

Although the law clearly prohibits the use of devices to actively interrupt cell phone signals, there are no rules prohibiting passive shielding of cell phones. For example, this means that you use wallpaper or building materials embedded with metal fragments to prevent cell phone signals from entering the room or outside the room. Some buildings are designed to block radio signals inadvertently due to thick concrete walls or steel frameworks.

The company is working on devices that control cell phones but do not “interfere” with signals. The device sends incoming calls to voice mail and blocks outgoing calls. The argument is that the phone is still working, so technically it will not get stuck.

You can use cell phone alerts to indicate the presence of cell phone signals. These have been used in hospitals and cell phone signal portable jammer may interfere with sensitive medical equipment. When a signal is detected, the user is asked to turn off the phone.

To reduce technical content, Chicago-based design firm Coudal Partners established SHHH, the Handushed Hushing Association. On the website, you can download notes, which can be forwarded to people who disturb the phone, to express their lack of interest in the content being discussed.