French prison jammer coverage reaches 60%

In recent years, the interference of mobile phones in prisons has been the subject of France. Since 2002, the law allows the installation of portable jammers in prisons. As of January 1, 2018, a total of 110 prisons were equipped with 894 jamming devices. Covers 60% of the prison.

Question: Considering the development of mobile phones, previous devices have shown their technological limits. According to the Ministry of Justice, this new portable jammer system is not only suitable for 4G, but also for future 5G. It should also adapt to the particularity of the prison building-reinforced concrete walls, grilles, bars-limiting the effectiveness of the old equipment.

International Clerk Observatory Advocate Director Mary Kleitnott said: “In the past, only devices that encrypted 2G (second-generation technology) were engulfed by similar amounts, so there will always be delays.” Mary Kleinnott said : “This masks a real question: why do people prepare to introduce mobile phones in prison,” he added, “most mobile phones are used to call family and loved ones.” Reason: The imposed timetable, lack of privacy, in The cost of calling landlines in prisons is high. She said: “Mobile phones will always be much more beneficial, especially for families whose social and economic conditions are generally unstable.”