The government has begun to use jammers to hold important meetings

Lawmakers’ mobile phones no longer work in the Legislative Assembly or the Legislative Council. Officials presiding over these two houses have ordered security officers to replace the old jammers with new models to prevent GSM (such as old) and 3G 4G mobile phones from malfunctioning. Representatives of both houses of parliament said: “With current interference equipment, only 3G 4G mobile phones will not work, and 5G models will not work. Therefore, it was decided to replace all interference equipment.”

kg. Bopaiah and DH Shankaramurthy, the spokesperson and chairman of the board of directors of the conference, were asked to deal with the matter because three MLAs were arrested while using personal smartphones to watch pornographic videos in the conference building. The official comment said: “After Shankaramurthy and Bopaiah were satisfied with the efficiency of the signal portable jammer, we immediately obtained permission and we purchased the jamming equipment.”

The source said that two senior officials have applied to the senior police officers outside the communications department and the International Bureau for approval, the latter having the right to block phone operations during VIP visits and other important events. Another official commented: “The number of jammers provided can be increased according to future requirements.” The selection process for these mobile phone jammers in all buildings of the General Assembly Secretariat is in progress, and the jammer world is participating. The Security Council has done it.

“We used to get jammers from Hyderabad. The cost of each device was about Rs. 50,000 (US$1,000) and it was expensive. Now, we get these jammers from other suppliers. These jammers are more Reliable, the price is between 15,000 and 200. An official said that the rupees ($300 to 400) are of the same quality, and sometimes even better rupees are cheaper.