Overuse of mobile phones has always been a major concern for us

Although the law clearly prohibits the use of devices to actively interrupt cell phone signals, there are no rules prohibiting passive shielding of cell phones. For example, this means that you use wallpaper or building materials embedded with metal fragments to prevent cell phone signals from entering the room or outside the room. Some buildings are designed to block radio signals inadvertently due to thick concrete walls or steel frameworks.

I am in favor of installing portable jammer in the prison. “Like other attorney generals such as Christiane Taubira, the new seal hunter François Bayrou responded on Tuesday to the phenomenon of cell phones in BFMTV and RMC prisons. On social networks Photos posted by superior supervisors, photos taken by prisoners in swimming pool cells, or smoked marijuana… Although the authorities have managed to curb this practice, the problem has been going on for several years.

This indoor location tracking application can be used for grocery sales, logistics efficiency, mobile games, or just for large shopping centers, international airport terminals and other large buildings. You can also track the internal location of the device, which is almost impossible. IndoorAtlas conducted some experiments in a tunnel under 1400 meters underground in a zinc-copper mine in central Finland. There, the system can use mineral deposits and many other anomalies that interfere with Earth’s magnetic field to locate itself.