Full range of jammers

The Federal Communications Commission issued 20 enforcement measures against online sellers in 12 states to illegally sell more than 200 types of mobile phone jammers, GPS jammers, Wi-Fi jammers, and similar signal blockers.

“Our activities should send a firm message to all signal barrier retailers that we will not be able to tolerate continued violations of many federal laws. The barriers constitute an important public safety threat that may bring unexpected results to customers and first responders , Sometimes even dangerous consequences,” he said. Director of Law Enforcement Michele Ellison.

As a result, the office prompted each online seller to take emergency measures to stop selling portable jammer to customers in the United States and its regions. These steps may include transferring illegal signal jammers from online stores, explicitly excluding customers in the United States as potential customers, and refusing to take action against signal jammers or conducting business with customers in the United States.

The office also ordered all illegal online retailers to provide information about their signal jammer suppliers, their distribution channels and sales information-including the manufacturers of all illegal signal jammers, the online distributor used as a website for the jammer market in the United States . Or the region where it is located, and the corrective actions that online retailers have taken or will take to comply with federal laws that prohibit the sale and sale of locked devices.