Jammers can make your life full

Can you imagine life without mobile communication? Probably not, but did you know that any mobile phone user can be a victim of eavesdropping? Except in special circumstances, it is illegal to conduct telephone interception in law enforcement departments, and this interception behavior is only legal if special authorization is obtained. This is why it is really important to know how to detect and avoid eavesdropping. The first sign of smartphone damage is battery temperature. The point here is that this fragile smartphone will carry a warm battery or even a hot battery when not in use. When calling or using any type of application, it is okay if the battery gets hot, but when the phone is in standby mode, if the battery gets hot, you may immediately install and run the spy app, but there is a way not to install The application can prevent eavesdropping and install a portable jammer where needed.

Here, we are talking about special applications that banks create for users. Yes, they are both convenient and user-friendly, but you should be aware of some problems with these applications. First, there is absolutely no idea who wrote and tested the application. In addition, it is not known whether the bank has tested the effect of the portable jammer, or they just decided to release the application and fix the bugs and vulnerabilities in the update. And you should understand that it is much easier to let go of the phone, otherwise someone may steal the phone or even be hacked, and modern smartphones are vulnerable to various hacker attacks and attacks.

«When people can’t find something on Google, they think no one can find it. But this is not»,-John Matherly, the founder of Shodan, the Internet’s most dangerous search engine, claims that contrary to Google (looking for simple websites on the web), Shodan can use “deeper” data. It is some kind of “black” Google, which looks for servers, network cameras, printers, routers and other jammer devices connected to the Internet. Shodan works 24/7, collecting information on more than 500 million devices every month. Incredible, but Shodan can find millions of unprotected devices using simple search queries. Numerous traffic lights, surveillance cameras, home automation systems, heating systems – all are connected to the Internet and can be easily detected. Therefore, wireless Internet security is a myth.