The use rate of jammers in the United States is getting higher and higher

Many Catholics and representatives of other Christian doctrines worldwide watched the chapel of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican breathlessly and elected a new pope. The auditorium started on March 12th, probably the most interesting and safest auditorium in a long time. This is the first time a truly significant event has received high attention for information security. The entire Sistine Chapel and the living area of ​​Santa Maria are equipped with signal jammers to prevent information leakage. These special cell phone jammers were installed to prevent the 115 cardinals participating in the election from using modern wireless equipment and to block any surveillance and eavesdropping equipment in the church and Santa Maria residence. Although all employees and cardinals have vowed not to disseminate information about the election process and everything that happened during the meeting, they still have no rights, and they do not have the right to use any interference equipment to communicate.

Today, the problems of drones are designed to perform missions on the battlefield, and as a strike force in the war on terrorism, these problems are already imminent in the United States. As you know, recently, the US Senator blocked the election of the CIA’s new prime minister, and the new chairman is most likely John Brennan. On March 7 (Wednesday), when Congress had to nominate John Brennan as the new director of the CIA, Republican representatives from Rand Paul, Kentucky, adopted a postponement process. Paul has said that he will try to do so last week. He made this decision because the government of Barack Obama will use those remotely controlled drones in the country, while in other countries they will be used to carry out households for American citizens. Monitor. Those “predator” drones were originally designed for combat operations and carry out reconnaissance missions in other countries, and will now track US citizens within the country. These drones will track armed citizens and use cell phone tower triangulation to track their location. The US Department of Homeland Security pointed out that these measures will greatly reduce the risk of terrorism and other crimes related to the illegal use of firearms. But lawyers have responded to the decision and said that the decision violates the privacy rights of every citizen of the United States. Now many Americans are buying portable jammer to prevent themselves from being suddenly monitored. is a high Quality jammer online store.

We are encountering cases of employers trying to collect information and monitor their employees more and more frequently. This is why we decided to pay attention to this issue today and introduce our readers to why the employer violates the law, why he tries to monitor you and how to protect himself from harm.
We checked the latest statistics and found the fact that many employers use special jammer equipment to track employees. In the past year, the number of cases of dismissal due to social networking or other Internet activities has increased, which makes employees feel uncomfortable in the office. Statistics tell us that almost every third of the employees suspect that the employer is monitoring him. Top management and scientists tend to be more skeptical, and it seems that the higher the salary of employees, the easier it is to doubt him.