Jammers make our internet more pure

It is common for each of us to visit the same place every day in the same place every day, and these visits take place at the same time every day: home, office, gym, shop, home. Our daily route is very stable, but also very unique. Research conducted by Belgian and American scientists has shown that it is easy to distinguish such a trajectory. We reviewed the study on perfectjammer.com and provided this brief comment to readers. The database contains personalized information about the time and location of phone and SMS messages from 1.5 million users. It has records of the past 15 months, and its analysis shows that using a non-personalized record table to identify a person, because the database is really simple, you need to know at least 4 tracks, which contains location data and time intervals, all We will have an ultra-high-power jammer to protect and support the operation of our work.

In the 21st century, we live in the information age, and information is the most valuable resource. With the development of wireless technology, it is very difficult to keep our information confidential and protect it from third-party attacks. Today, almost everyone can use special equipment such as GSM errors, hidden microphones and lasers, and use them for espionage. Many people don’t even know that the bug of eavesdropping occurred long ago. The wifi jammer was first widely used in the United States in 1972. It is said that the effect is very good. A group of experts at Nixon’s general election headquarters sneaked into the headquarters of the Democratic Party candidate and installed a hidden radio microphone so they could hear the conversation of their peers. And this may be the first time that eavesdropping technology is not only used by law enforcement personnel or secret services, but also by ordinary people. And it is likely that at that time, various eavesdropping errors were used for political and industrial espionage. Today, these errors are not really complicated. Any well-educated and experienced expert can organize the entire eavesdropping system. This is why today at the Jammer store we decided to tell our readers the most widely used types of eavesdropping devices, how they work and how to detect or disable them.

You may know that the traditional device used to invade Wi-Fi networks is a laptop, because hackers will be able to use various specific wireless modules, transmitters and receivers, and in fact, hackers will have many specific software. The laptop is also powerful enough to start all the calculations needed. This is why the “classical” Wi-Fi hacker is a man with a notebook on a black car. However, as you know, the development of smartphones and mobile platforms is very rapid. Nowadays, all these hacking operations can be easily carried out through your smartphone, but for the safety of personal information on the phone, I still recommend you to use multi-function interference This will make your WiFi network more secure.