The jammer needs to be used reasonably within the law

A science teacher was suspended for five days because he did not use jammers in the classroom to prevent students from receiving cell phone signals and was paid. However, he can be considered lucky because he actually violated federal law. Dean Liptak was tired of his students’ phone activities and distracted them, and did not think that the school district’s seizure plan would distract them. WTSP reported that he made the device put their nose on the book instead of on the screen.

Unfortunately, although Liptak claimed that the jammer only hindered the reception of his classroom, this affected communication with the campus cell phone tower. This caught the attention of Verizon, reminding school officials of the presence of jammers. In the suspension letter, Kurt Browning, the district director, said Liptak “posed a serious threat to critical safety communications and the ability to prevent others from making 911 calls.” He also mentioned Liptak’s previous use of students ” Unspecified “lack of judgment” of the “Inappropriate Content Worksheet”.

Liptak said in his reply that after meeting with police representatives, he had the impression that possession and use of portable jammer did not violate state laws. This may not be the case, but the FCC made it clear: “Using deliberately jamming, blocking or destroying mobile phones, police radar, or mobile phone jammers or similar devices that authorize radio communications such as GPS and Wi-Fi violates federal law.”

Liptuck wrote: “The purpose of using the device is to make students academically focus on homework.” “When I had to tell students to put down their phones, dropping out of school and losing academic focus would be counterproductive. If students refuse to give up their On the mobile phone, I have to write a transfer statement and lose more academic focus in the classroom.” Verizon does not charge, so Liptak has not paid for a week.

This is just another small-scale battle between people and the screen for attention, and wearable devices such as Apple’s smart watches only exacerbate the conflict. Looking at your watch and talking on the phone is one of the tasks you can’t do the most. If it is used in conjunction with an Apple Watch, it will only make the head, fronds, and vocal sounds more intense, such as “Are you listening to me?”. immediately? “Liptak’s artificial jammers are only illegal, but they remain high. In this case, students must be respected and teachers are invited to participate. We don’t have to let the Federal Reserve do this.