High-power jammer can cover the entire building

Manila-The Department of Justice (DOJ) believes it will be able to solve the problems in the Correctional Services Office (BuCor). Secretary of State Deo Marco, the committee that oversees the committee’s affairs, hopes that the establishment of the committee will solve BuCor’s many years of problems. Marco said in an ambush interview: “We will only comply with the regulations of the US Department of Justice. Visit ABS-CBN News. One of the solutions recommended by the committee is to establish a wider range of signal jammer systems and video surveillance systems. (CCTV).

This is a 300-million peseta project that can not only destroy the signal of Building 14 of the New Billy Bead Prison (NBP), which houses high-profile prisoners, but also destroy the entire high-security building. The system includes a CCTV network that replaces the current network. The project also includes a generator system, which allows cell phone portable jammer and CCTV systems to continue to work even without mains power. The system has its own operation center and will be completely installed in two to three months.

The Ministry of Justice has also completed amendments to the Implementation Regulations (IRR) of the Republic Act No. 10592, which expands the scope of the Good Behavior Time Allowance (GCTA) and requires the Ministry of Justice to release prisoners under GCTA approval. The current system only requires BuCor approval to obtain NBP and criminal colonies. Marco believes that the revised IRR will disqualify convicted criminals who are in prison for heinous crimes, recurrences, recurring offenders and refugees.