Jammers give you control

The company was trying to build a 4G cable network, but was blocked by opponents who feared that the network would block GPS signals, which would threaten the business and protection of people flying on airplanes and armed forces. The global positioning system is used by almost everyone-mobile phones, car navigation equipment and almost all possible commercial means. Commercial aircraft use a global positioning system to safely land the aircraft, especially when visibility is extremely low. Delivery companies rely on global positioning systems to deliver products on time. Farmers use global positioning systems to precisely define where fertilizers and pesticides are applied. With this technology, they can increase productivity and avoid waste. Armed forces use GPS coordinates to protect their forces and attack the correct targets. But with the help of a jammer, you can turn passive into active. If you want others to know your location, you can turn off the device, and you don’t want others to know to turn on the gps jammer.

Other companies that rely on GPS are looking for a LightSquared company that wants to build a huge nationwide 4G cable network through satellite integration. LightSquared said it has obtained a special license to allow use of part of the frequency range-basically air waves-for nearly a decade, and now wants to use it. Basically, LightSquared said that it has had available space for many years, but now it can start to build. It only requires FCC permission.

The problem is that this frequency range is adjacent to the range used for GPS signals. Opponents compared LightSquared’s intentions with the fact that heavy metal music bands are far from you. They said that LightSquared’s powerful network will overwhelm the signals sent by the GPS, which may be a disaster, causing economic and even life-threatening.

Civil GPS systems use L1, L2, and L5, with frequencies of 1575.42 MHz, 1227.6 MHz, and 1176.45 MHz, respectively. The armed forces use the L3 frequency band (1381.05 MHz) and the L4 frequency band (1379.913 MHz). 4G wireless networks use 1710-1755 MHz and 2110-2155 MHz as 3G frequencies plus 2496-2690 MHz in operation. LightSquared is allocated a spectrum between 1525 MHz and 1559 MHz, which is close to the GPS L1 frequency band, but does not affect it. Tests have shown that sometimes only 1% of the total GPS frequency range used is affected. Therefore, it depends on whether you believe Columbus dispatch. If you want to protect the GPS from possible interference with the new 4G network, you can use the 4G jammer to block the LightSquared wireless network. You know, just in case.