Jammers slow down the internet

There are 32 such prisons in the cities of Punjab in the center of densely populated areas, with a high telephone density. These prisons were built on the outskirts of the city, but now they have surrounded a growing population and residential communities. Residents at the connected site complained to the mobile operator about the interference. Shahzad Abdali, a resident of Kotlakhpat, said in an interview with News Lens Pakistan. He complained that he lived about five kilometers from the Central Prison and had been underperforming in cell phone service for a year. “If someone tries to contact me, he or she will find that my phone number is turned off, and if my phone is accidentally connected, other people will not be able to hear my voice. Due to the poor signal or loss, the new 3G The service has also been out of reach since its launch.”

Shadman resident Jawwad Ahmed told Pakistani news footage: “I live in Lahore District Prison about two kilometers. Any cell phone service is not good in this respect . I complained to the relevant officials of the mobile phone company, but my complaint has never been dealt with.” said Shahram Tauqeer Khan, the warden of the prison, “the portable jammer only covers 50% of the prison area. These interferences The device is only installed near the barracks of terrorists, sharp criminals and prisoners involved in sectarian violence.”

Amir Pasha, a spokesman for the local mobile operator, told Pakistani News Footage: “Many people near the prison cannot use the phone because the interferers seem to prevent their incoming and outgoing calls/SMS and affect the internet speed “He added that even people in remote areas have been illegally violated by the prison authorities. Mobile phone companies’ franchise and retail businesses in these regions are also unable to carry out their business activities, such as uploading credit and transferring money through branch banks.

“A growing number of complaints are forcing all cellular phone companies to investigate. The general conclusion we have reached is that jammers installed in the prison are causing this problem. Therefore, the cellular phone company asked the Frequency Allocation Board (FAB) to investigate, which Aroused our attention. Confirmed,” Pasha said. Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) spokesperson Khurram Mehran told Pakistan News Footage that the National Radio and Telecommunications Corporation Frequency Allocation Board (FAB) has carried out joint optimizations to ensure that there is no cellular signal prison or interference signals will exceed the corresponding prison room at the site. This approach has achieved good results in a short time, but due to the licensed spectrum of mobile operators, last month Lahore, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Multan, Kasur, Sheikh The prisons in La and Bahawalpur were once again disturbed by the mobile operator’s spectrum.

Mobile phone company officials claimed that government agencies did not cooperate with them, which gave the prison authorities a reason not to comply with the law. Now, a group of technical experts in the telecommunications industry, composed of members of all mobile operators, will meet with representatives of the Ministry of the Interior to discuss the situation and inform them of their concerns.