The jammer can not only target the driver’s smartphone

In order to fight with smartphones more effectively while driving, the senator suggested installing wave jammers or radar warning jammers in certain police cars or directly in the country. This idea is nothing new and has been widely criticized for its effectiveness. We take stock. In a recent road safety study conducted on a group of 20,575 moving vehicles, “7% of drivers were making calls while driving.” This is a cause when it is no longer possible to prove the risk of an accident when using a smartphone Worry. Hands are not free, attention is distracted, and there is almost no reflex. Based on this study, Senator Vincent Delahaye, who specializes in road safety issues, made new recommendations.

As emphasized by colleagues at Nextincpact, the senator proposed new measures in a report submitted this summer, but only posted online on the Senate website a few days ago. Vincent Delahaye believes that the current measures are a step in the right direction, but it is not enough. Remind you: The latest measures specifically prohibit the use of smartphones while driving, even when using hands-free devices or Bluetooth headsets. Only vehicle systems are allowed. Any criminal action will be punished with a fine of 135 euros and a three-point deprivation of driving license.

Despite this deterrent effect, many drivers continue to use smartphones while driving. Some people prefer to challenge permissions and install high-speed camera applications and alarms to indicate the existence of permissions. Senator De La Haye absolutely wanted to eliminate the behavior. Therefore, he provided a gps jammer. Senator Vincent Delahaye made a series of 34 recommendations in his report to enhance traffic safety. In the section “Interferers who use laptops while driving,” the middleman makes the following suggestions:

Consider the possibility of automatically installing wave protectors in densely built areas or in cars to eliminate “disturbing objects”. The idea is to install jammers to prevent the use of smartphones. These jammers can be installed in cities or police cars during radar inspections. Other elected officials have made this proposal in the past, but it has not yet been implemented. It must be said that it is almost impossible to build such equipment.

If this idea has never been realized in previous road safety reforms, it is simply because it seems difficult to implement. Technically, this is entirely possible (you only need to integrate a jammer), but this will come at the expense of a lot of freedom. First, it is not completely forbidden to call while driving. Therefore, in the event that the transmitter is disturbed, even a driver using a legally approved in-vehicle system will be disconnected from the network. There is also an expert question: drivers, taxis, deliverymen, sellers, craftsmen, etc. often talk while driving. Therefore, the jammer will have a negative impact on its activities.

What about passengers? The jammer can not only target the driver’s smartphone. This means that passengers can see smartphones they cannot use when they are not driving. It depends on the taxi and the driver: passengers must be able to continue to use the smartphone. Another limitation not considered in the senator’s proposal. What about pedestrians passing by near these jammers? At present, the proposal does not seem feasible. On the other hand, another senator’s proposal to undermine radar warnings seems more realistic because it is more targeted and reduces suicide.