GPS jammers can mask vehicle theft or illegal activities

With the continuous development of new and innovative technologies, GPS tracking technology is emerging. With the proliferation of smartphones and IoT devices, every location, every online search, every visited website, and every purchase will be tracked. Although many people are willing to share their location for good, there are other groups of people who want to hide their location.

What is a GPS jammer? A GPS jammer is a device that hides its location by sending radio signals at the same frequency as GPS devices. In this case, the GPS device cannot determine its location due to interference. The GPS jamming unit itself is usually a small independent transmitter that generates an interference signal of 1575.42 MHz within a radius of 5 to 10 meters.

Typically, users place the gps jammer in a cigarette lighter and place the device close enough to the GPS tracker to interfere with GPS satellite signals. After booting, they can run normally in less than 20 seconds. Due to the relatively low performance and fast start-up time, the jammer can only be used when needed. Criminals will take them out as soon as possible to avoid detection. These jammers can be purchased cheaply on the Internet for less than $100.

Although it is strongly recommended not to buy GPS jammers, you can buy various types of jammers online, such as B. physical shielding layer, WLAN/Bluetooth jammer, jammer with remote control, camera jammer and drone jammer, Just to name a few. For law enforcement and transportation industries, GPS jammers are both annoying and worrying. Interference can affect GPS vehicle tracking, also known as fleet tracking or telematics, which is an important source of business data for many companies.

Open Platform Telematics is more than just vehicle tracking-it is the collection of data about fuel consumption, idling, driving behavior, engine condition, and other aspects of the vehicle and its operation. This vehicle data is important to support the company’s fleet management and achieve goals such as improved driver safety, productivity, efficiency or compliance. Who is using GPS jammer? GPS jammers were originally developed by the government for military use, and in this case, the confusion of the vehicle’s position is critical to the success of the mission. The jammer acts as a “cloak”, providing military personnel with privacy, enhanced security, and overall advantages in high-risk situations.

There are many reasons for interference. Some speeding drivers may use interference to prevent police detection and avoid fines. Criminals use GPS jammers to cover up vehicle theft or illegal activities. In the fleet world, drivers may use GPS interference to prevent employers from knowing where the company’s vehicles are going. Where do I work in the world? How does the GPS system work? To understand how jammers work, we first need to understand how the global positioning system (GPS) works. GPS trackers receive microwave signals from many satellite transmitters orbiting the earth. Their height is approximately 20,200 km. As soon as the tracker receives signals from four or more satellites, it uses a series of time calculations and trilateration to determine its position.