Many places are using jammers to shield the signal

Poor reception in dead zones and cells. It can happen almost anywhere. Public schools are no exception. But why the school’s mobile phone reception is not good? Could there be a reason? Some people suspect that this is a malfunction-cell phone jammer.

The jammer of a mobile phone is its sound. A device that prevents the transmission of cell phone signals or interferes with cell phone reception. They will cause interference in the frequency range used by mobile phones, and will interfere with the communication between telephone users and base stations. But why should one think that cell phone jammers are used more and more in public schools than in other state institutions? Even a private company? It may be because a mobile phone jammer was found in the school, and the mobile phone interfered with the mobile phone signal.

A cell phone portable jammer in a Florida school, as early as 2015, a school district in Pasco County, Florida issued a policy instructing its students to keep cell phones and mobile devices turned off during classes. When this policy change has little or no impact on students’ behavior in school, the teacher decides to take action. Science teacher Dean Liptak was tired of watching the classroom addicted to smartphones instead of taking classes, and put an end to it with a cell phone jammer.

Although many websites actively sell “cell jammers” or “signal blockers” to disrupt cellular communications and create spontaneous “quiet areas” in cars, schools, theaters, restaurants, and other places, the use of these devices is indeed a violation Federal law. “We remind and warn consumers that the use of jammers or similar devices to deliberately block, destroy or destroy authorized radio connections (such as cell phones, police radars, GPS and WiFi) violates federal law.”

Except for an occasional one-time case where Florida hooligan science teachers put things into their own hands, there seems to be no big conspiracy in schools that use cell jammers to prevent students from calling or texting in class. If anything, it is in the best interests of school officials to maintain cellular communications for safety and accountability reasons. If jammers are not the most common cause of poor cell phone reception in classrooms, why are cell phones in schools poorly received? What can I do to signal at school?