The jammer should not affect the lives of normal people

Iloilo City-Iloilo Board members expressed concern about the signal interference from the Iloilo District Prison Administration and Penal Office (BJMP), which has affected residents of Nanga Village in Pototan City. Matt Palabrica, a member of the board of directors of the third district of Iloilo, said in a privileged speech at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (provincial council) regular meeting on Tuesday afternoon that the residents of Nanga Village bear Bad signal from the mobile phone.

Palabrica said in an interview that according to the facility, the signal jammer will only cover a radius of 100 meters. “(But) there is no signal within a radius of 300 meters, which means you have to leave the village to send a message,” he said. Palabrica said in his speech that this has happened since June. “(Nanga residents) were unable to use their mobile phones and surf the Internet because they were unable to install mobile phones in the Iloilo District Prison, which caused them inconvenience. The prison is now managed by BJMP.” He added that Nanga Village Chairman Julie Sequi Julie Sequio realized this concern.

He said that the lack of mobile phone signals will seriously affect the economic and social life of residents because they cannot optimize their lives or stay in touch with their families and relatives. He said: “Children who study and rely on the Internet for research also suffer. This also applies to their social life, and their interaction through social media now depends on the Internet.” Palabrica also admitted that portable jammer tools are crime prevention tools , Especially tools to curb drug trafficking in prison facilities. However, he said that law enforcement officials of the agency should first ensure that the use of mobile phones is prohibited in the cell.

“As a government, our primary responsibility is to abide by the law and only pursue the well-being of the people’s interests. Law enforcement should sublimate to the interests of those who comply with the law. Solutions that take into account common interests should be paramount. Have priority,” he Say. In response to this concern, the Provincial Committee invited Jail Warden Chief Inspector Servano, BJMP Regional Director Arnel Sarabillo Gongona and National Telecommunications Commission Nestor Antonio Monroy Regional Director at the meeting on November 12. . Palabrica said that the head of Nanga Village is expected to be present. He also considered inviting representatives of the Philippines Drug Control Agency (PDEA) to clarify this issue.