Signal jammers can block all noise from portable information terminals

Vallejo, California (KGO)-Your safety is an important part of our storytelling efforts to create a better area. Car theft and theft are one of the most common crimes in the Bay Area. The local police department caught a car thief who broke in without breaking the window. On Tuesday, a Vallejo police officer interrupted a suspicious car burglar who received a signal that interfered with a black box the size of a mobile phone with an antenna.

Signal portable jammer can now prove that the department has never discovered it. A secret investigator from the Vallejo police said: “This is a portable device that can actually be placed on the car, in your pocket and on your body, and can block the electrical signal from the keychain to the vehicle.” Ok. “It prevents the vehicle from locking up.” So, forget the broken windows-you can show up without harm, but your valuables are mysteriously lost. The police investigator explained how this might affect the response of the victim and the police.

“They are guessing for the second time whether they have completely locked the vehicle or left the stolen items at home. This immediately caused the report to be delayed.” Jeff Marth said: “So I just closed the door normally and left “And showed what many people do when they get off and lock the car. Although Marth said that the cars he works in downtown Corte Madera often have thefts-he did not know that the signal jammer was a tool for thieves. “The scary thing is that your car is safe and your things are about to break.” A car theft expert said that signal jammers can block all the noise from portable information terminals. When you lock the car, please check carefully whether it is locked by the door handle. And, if you have an automatic keychain, please pay attention to the prompt tone or the actual locking mechanism. And, if you cannot hear any sound, you must lock the car again.