Jammers will become our must-haves in the future

I often want to install cell phone jammers in my store, but of course, I increasingly rely on it for commercial purposes. Maybe I am part of the problem. Mobile phones are a useful tool, but over time, I find them more and more annoying. I bet that something has happened to all of you: you are in the middle of a sales promotion, trying to get a customer to share a portion of his hard-earned money, and you are making great strides, when you get from him (or her) ) When listening to music episodes, whistles or any other disturbing sound effects in your pocket.

This is his portable communication device, or what we call a harassment unit. Now, you have to stop in the middle of the presentation and watch him calm down, suddenly distracted by external issues that have suddenly entered your financial efforts through his mobile phone. You may never go back to the sales process, because the customer’s focus is not far off now, and they seem to have more important issues than buying a motorcycle from you today.

Of course, customers also use their phones to search inventory in other stores and check the price and availability of the products they are viewing. Or try wearing a helmet or jacket when searching for specials on the same product online. All these are discussed by people smarter than me. In my shop, we are trying to call for immediate action to move the goods here immediately. Kill them with service, friendliness and smiles. I hope the helmet they used to save $50 on the Internet will appear in the wrong color.

Employees searching for mobile entertainment from games to the latest hits on YouTube have also become a problem. And it’s almost impossible to monitor something so small and easy to hide. I often think of the idea of ​​installing a cell phone portable jammer in my store, but of course I increasingly rely on it for commercial purposes. Maybe I am part of the problem. Mobile phones are a useful tool, but over time, I find them more and more annoying.

That brings me to the problem I found when I was on AIMExpo. The first day was not so bad, but as time passed, I found that many stalls were crowded with individual employees who were willing to tell you the latest and greatest products of their past. However, the next day, I found out that many of them were texting someone on their mobile phone (to be fair, they might have texted a large order to a potential customer, but I doubt it) and added Sweetness. Watched the cat video. Or such an exciting fool.

I entered the cabin several times, read the entire cabin, picked up or touched a few items, some of which might be sold in my shop, but the operator in that cabin was busy checking the phone screen and turning off all the equipment to do more than talk to me More important things. I always leave without affecting your privacy. I swear I could have taken away thousands of dollars of products, and they didn’t know until after packaging.

These stalls are paid for by a company that does its best to organize, set up and staff, sell its products to hundreds of potential customers participating in wholesale transactions and retail trade fairs in retail. The person at the booth may be the owner of the shop and has made so many sales that he decided to sit idle for the rest of the exhibition. However, I found that entrepreneurs who started businesses to sell their work have a laser-like focus on their products. They made many sacrifices to bring them into the world, they worked hard and were consumed by success, so I don’t think that those who ignore me are the owners of the company.

It’s all sad, I don’t know what to do. Maybe someone has a solution there. Maybe this is just the way of the future, I should get used to it. Maybe I just got one of these cell phone jammers. Take it with you everywhere.