The jammer is a very simple device

China seems to be making plans to use electronic attacks to destroy or control U.S. drones. In recent years, there have been reports that China has attempted to interfere with US military drones at least once, and the country has shown willingness to use GPS interference to prevent US aircraft from performing surveillance missions in the Spratly Islands. Murmansk-BN is the world’s most powerful electronic long-term war (EW) system developed by KRET of Rostec Holding. The EW system is designed to interrupt radio communications over 3,000 kilometers. Jammers are specifically designed to resist radio frequency communication systems including global radio frequency communication systems.

“Classes should concentrate on listening and paying attention.” Even school children are familiar with this sentence, which seems to be a joke in today’s free, mobile university classrooms. For this reason, a university in the city was surprised to find no communication equipment in the classroom. However, within two days, the school voluntarily took back the GSM portable jammer device. This seems to indicate that the step is invalid. How to clean the classroom environment?

All mobile phones are used 99% of the time in school. You can send friends in different classes, take pictures, browse the Internet and spend time on social networks during teacher talks. I am not saying that mobile jammers should be legal everywhere, not just to encourage students to concentrate on the school campus during class. Once the school is completed and left the affected area, they can turn on their phones again, and once they are outside the school area, they can be on duty according to their needs. Or, as a more convenient option, these jammers have on and off switches. The principal can easily activate and deactivate this device during the corresponding study time.

The Navy sent hundreds of electronic warfare experts to Iraq to harmonize the harsh sounds produced by 14 types of jammers. An agreement has been established that allows one device to send its signal and silence it for a few milliseconds so that another device can send. As a result, Warlock Red and Warlock Green can be combined into one unit. When analyzing the frequency used by the insurgents, the intelligence personnel of the combined explosion-explosion unit became faster and faster. This allows jammers to be updated faster to deal with emerging threats.