The interference of jammers to electronic equipment is particularly obvious

The cell phone signal block used in the prison, the cell phone jammer is also likely to be a new Melrose prison in the cell of Bobson Central Prison. Prison authorities have installed high-performance jamming equipment in Bobasin Prison to stop prisoners from illegally using mobile phones. China’s use of GPS congestion to deal with US military GPS interference and deception is usually classified by US officials as “electronic warfare” rather than “cyber warfare.” We don’t understand why this is happening, because interference and deception neutralize terminal equipment, cut IT paths and introduce erroneous data into various systems. For cyber fighters, detecting and preventing GPS congestion and spoofing can be a quick success.

The way to solve this problem-GSM jammer, there is no reason to keep the mobile phone running during class time. If there is an urgent need for an emergency, a telephone will be provided in the school premises for every student who needs the incident. All mobile phones are used 99% of the time in school. You can send your friends to another class via SMS, take photos, browse the Internet and browse social networks in the teacher’s lecture. Only on campus, students are encouraged to focus more on education during class, and once the school is over and leave the affected area, they can turn on their phones to do things they need as soon as they leave school. Still a more convenient way. These portable jammer have on-off switches. The principal can easily activate and deactivate this device during the corresponding study time.

The cell phone jammer purchased by Pokane Middle School for testing was less than $100 in less than three days. The purpose is to prevent students from sending text messages about the subject. Director John Hook said: “I think this is what we really need.” The FCC is currently discussing the school and will not use the school unless it is confirmed that the device is legal. The jammer is turned on during school hours and turned off after lunch and after class.

It is believed that North Koreans have old Soviet jammers and their own homemade equipment that they bought about ten years ago. These wheeled jammers are located on the hills of Kaesong Province and have the largest range. Also introduced a new generation of jammers, which cover a wide frequency range, and can perform certain “capture” interference signals, confuse the “receiver” with a modified version of its own signal-in the design for very specific equipment Deception in the interference response. “Moreover, when the jamming situation improved, the Iraqi insurgents basically gave up improvised explosive devices, and the death toll from improvised explosive devices dropped. Military jammers, called “anti-radio improvised explosive device electronic warfare” or CREW systems, tried Intercept or intercept the signal before it reaches its intended destination to prevent explosion.