Jammers need to be used legally worldwide

Is it legal to use jammers? Globally, mobile phone jammer laws are different. For example, in the UK and Japan, anyone can own a jammer as long as they don’t use it. Dozens of countries including Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Turkey and other countries allow police or prisoners to use jammers. Schools in China and India use jammers to deter fraudsters. Mexico allows the use of jammers in churches and hospitals. Pakistan allows intervention in banks and libraries. Most countries, including the United States, use jammers to prevent mobile phone bombs from attacking government leaders. When President Obama was walking on Pennsylvania Avenue after taking office, all cell phones in the area got stuck. The US military used portable jammer to prevent bomb attacks on Iraqi streets.

CTIA-Wireless Association Chairman and CEO Steve Largent (Steve Largent) said that the legislation includes safeguards to ensure that signal interference does not interfere with communications between public security personnel or legal use of mobile phones outside the prison. Next week, Sterling will hold a meeting in Washington with colleagues from Arizona, California and Tennessee to discuss ways to use technology such as signal jams to fight the phone. According to officials, prisoners are said to have planned crimes and violence.

South Korea’s US ambassador, Wu Jun, said that Wi-Fi electronic interference from five areas of North Korea-Haeju, Yan’an, Pyongyang, King Kong and Kaesong-poses a danger to the GPS​​. US Customs and Border Protection Deputy Director Andrew Scharnweber described how unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) cybercrime can be used to monitor border patrols, determine the vulnerability of its cover, and reap benefits.

WiFi jammers are extremely destructive. A few weeks ago, after a series of suspicious chemical weapon attacks on civilians in the eastern Ghouta area occupied by the rebels, the Russians began using smaller American drones. Officials said that the Russian military feared that the US military would take retaliatory actions to combat attacks and begin to block the GPS system of drones in the area. However, there is another situation in which wireless connections are particularly vulnerable to attacks and premature blocking occurs. Here, someone deliberately prevents the communication capability of the connection through a particularly effective attack against a specific connection or connection family. You can try to interfere for prank reasons, such as benefits during war or military superiority.